Just a simple thought

Every once in a while as you read this blog, why not put a simple Hell yes or Hell No in the comments section?   The readership is up to over 400 a day and surely someone  agrees or disagrees with something.  I promise I won't try to change what I write to be more or less popular.  I don't know how to engineer a like button like Facebook.  I would also like to know who in Poland is reading.  There have been over 800 hits from there. 



  1. I read every post...but they get sent to my reader so to comment I have to click over to your blog...not an excuse for not commenting but an explanation of my laziness. I'll try to do better.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. OK, you asked, why are there not more comments on this blog, here is why. You do not acknowledge post comments like you used to. When people comment and the comment is not responded to by you, the commenters start to think they have been ignored and their comments are not being read by you or not worthy of a responce. If you want comments, you must respond to each and every one by a return post even if it is only 1 word like yes,no,ok or BS, or any other response you choose. Do that and you will be surprises how the comment list will grow. That'a my opinion, what's yours? Ray I.

  4. Good point Ray. I have one blog friend and you would think her comments were a message board. I had so few comments I hardly didn't know how to cat.

    I did delete the second comment because it was a duplicate of Jenn's 1st comment. Technology does strange things just when you least expect it.