What Does the term Conservative Mean to You?

After a long life here in America, I am firmly convinced that if we follow the Constitution it will provide us with the tools to move along in life and prosper.  I don't mean that as it was initially written, it was perfect.  No, I am absolutely convinced that it provides us with the mechanism to make the fundamental changes that will continue our route to happiness and prosperity.  

What it doesn't provide, is ways to make changes that are the popular change to make today that might have more unintended consequences than we could ever imagine.  What it does is provide us with representation in a Congress that writes bills and sends them to the Executive branch for signature.  It then provides us with a Supreme court that reviews the changes to ensure that they are in line with what the founding fathers wrote. 

Somewhere in all this, there has been a rush by the congress to make fundamental changes to procedures that were never envisioned by the founding fathers.  You and I aren't even aware of the extent that our Tax Code has been bastardized to give breaks to individuals and Corporations.  The other day someone said there are almost 70,000 pages in the tax codes and most of those pages are ways to exempt someone from a tax that the rest of us aren't covered by.  

The last time I read the oath of office for most of our Public servants, they were as a part of their oath sworn to Preserve and defend the Constitution against all enemies, Foreign or Domestic. Those things that are not covered in the Constitution are left for the States to control.   

The news media might want to re read this from time to time and stop saying that because you can't buy a Route 44 soft drink in New York that should be the law for everyone.  The issue of Gun ownership and what we do with out guns might be a problem for those that choose to live in the Skinneristic Box call New York.  If they want to pay 20% of their income in the form of Taxes to the State, more power to them.  As for me, I choose to live in Kansas where such nonsense is snickered at by most of my fellow citizens.  Perhaps if the failed experiment called Las Vegas does someday fall in on its self, they too can move away from the liberalism that  wags the tail of their dog.  

I firmly believe that if we moved back towards the middle and stop writing new laws every time some popular issue springs to mind we would be a lot better off.   At least we should have some fundamental idea of what we can afford to pay for and what we can't.  I can't imagine any banker in his right mind that would loan me money beyond my ability to pay so I can give it away.  He would say give your stuff away but that's all you get.   When the approval rating for congress was at 8%, we elected over 90% of that body back into office this last election.  I don't understand the Political Schizophrenia that we are gripped by.  

I think that it was well said the other day when Giraldo said he was a Liberal in social programs but a Conservative on who dates his daughter.  I think we suffer from date rape in the fiscal area of our lives.  Someday we just might all look for some movement back to a more normal life.  If the damned religious right don't keep sticking their noses into our public rights instead of our moral lives where they belong.

Oh on that final note, I believe that abortion is an issue that belong between a woman and her doctor.  I do not want my federal Government involved.  But, I think on a personal level it is a poor way to run the Birth Control railroad.


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