Well, No Wonder!

In the years before 1980, there were some rules that Loan Officers in banks held dear.  First of all, the Person must have the ability to pay.  His background (Credit Check) needs to indicate that he has paid and there must be a way to get the person to pay. (Collateral or money in the asset you loan money on)   here was a time that you had to pay at least 10% down on a house and 15-20% was requested if there was any doubtful information in your background.   Somewhere, good intentioned people looked at what was happening and they said that it looked like red lining and discriminated against poor people.  The Government told lenders that if they would find ways to sell properties, Fanny May and Freddie Mac would then buy the loans and the lenders would not be responsible for the debts.

Well, Shucky darn, there was some creative book keeping done along with back loaded contracts that put people in houses that I could not afford.  Then, when the scat hit the fan, everyone pointed to those pesky bankers for making the bad loans.  Clearly, it was the government policy that got in the way of good business practices.  I personally won't forgive the millions of dollars paid as bonuses to the banks and government officials for all the business they created.

Now, zoom to today and here we sit with the President and the VP about to push an end around the second amendment and we are facing another good meaning Government program that will cost us lots of money and not solve the real problem.

The problem with gun ownership is not those of us that are obeying the laws, it is those people that use guns for illegal things. I could have a hundred round magazine for my AK-47 and it would not matter. (I don't have anything any where near that but jes' sayin')   Could a 13 round magazine or a ten round magazine for a pistol make a difference?  Where does anyone get into the right to do what I want with my gun?  It may be like my 57 Chevy on the garage that is gathering dust.  It may be that this spring I will take them out and target practice.  It may be that some year I might want to take my shotgun and hunt doves legally.  No matter what I want to do, unless you are willing to buy them, keep your grubby hands off my stuff.   If you want to hire more police to stop cars in town ans search for guns, have at it.  I don't carry legally or illegally. 

Today there was an article in the new York Post that said that because of our fierce independence we have to one of the highest rates of death for those under the age of 26.  They lumped together gun deaths, traffic deaths, drug deaths with people riding motorcycles and not wearing head gear.   If you want to throw in war deaths, I might understand how you could make that allegation but then there are a lot of people in third world countries that would love to come here to take that chance.  


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