J'es Thinkin'

Every year about this time, I begin to start looking at ways to reduce the amount I have to pay for taxes.  Not so much the amount of withholding, but the amount of the check I will have to write above what I have already paid.  I know, I have had this conversation at other times in this blog and have freely admitted that the taxes I pay is not above average and the good news is that we have it to pay when needed.   There needs to be a ay to reduce the property taxes without getting rid of property.  Don't even try to bring up selling the biggest taxable place Rabbit Run.

One thought I had earlier this week is a storage shed for the tractor and all the vehicles here at Rabbit Run.  I wonder what extending the current garage would add and what would it take away?  Barbara doesn't like that the garage faces north but there is not much I can do with that for the current garage but an addition may allow the extension to come in from the west.  I would also like to do some solar work to help warm up the garage. It might even be possible to do some second story work on an addition and have my turret.  OK, it would be accessible by ladder and my knees aren't as young as they once were.  

For a couple of days, there were no pictures on the trail cam.  I am not sure why, as this morning there were 36.  Mostly the one small herd of female deer and the coyote.  The other day, one of the other Tecumseh residents posted a picture of a Bob Cat they took with their trail cam.  We had one that was a frequent visitor until it got hit by a car.  I brought it home and gave it a burial on the place thinking that some day I might dig up the bones and see what a Bob Cat skeleton looked like   Now I can't find where it was I buried it.  Heck, I have trouble keeping the septic tank located and it is about 6x10X8.  I did leave a fence pole at one end of the dang thing the last time we had it pumped.  

My real mystery to solve is the water meter fluctuation.  One month it will be normal and then we will have a $70 dollar bill.  Curious.

Oh well, better get cracking. (Yes, that is a British saying but it also applies to old knees)



  1. You can test for a water leak by turn all faucets off, don't flush the toilet and go look at your water meter. The needle should not be moving. If it is you have a leak somewhere.

    1. A off and on leak could be a bad toilet flapper valve or a bad float level, allowing water to overflow the tube.. When it doesn't seal after a flush the bill goes up. Ckeck all toilets to see if they are overflowing the max level tube first. If those are good, replace all rubber flappers in all toilets. Ray

  2. One more item. The chains on the flappers (if you have chains) They get kinked intermittantly. Sometimes when you flush the work fine, sometimes the chain will kink and hold the flapper up to hogh to sea; and if you don't notice it it will leak until you flush the next time or shake the handle. That sounds like a good possibility causing an intermitant high bill. Some kinks can be repaired by un-twisting the chain 1 or 2 turns.