Just this morning, I was sitting alone after reading the paper and I thought about how much I enjoy the paper and how little I really put into long term memory from there.  As a student. I can remember studying for a test and as soon as that one was over, I could flush the short term memory and move on (I was going to say smartly , but) dumbly from there.  I do remember several small learning tricks I learned in the Military and from place to place in schools I attended.   But in the long run, my active memory is kind of file it away and forget it.

With that said, I can sit by my computer while Jeopardy is on and find answers I didn't know were in there.  Must be memories from school that were covered in class and I was reading a book.   If I try real hard to learn something, I can't always seem to find it.  If it happens and I just hear it, sometimes it is stored away and I can find it like rolling off my tongue.   

All that is BS, because it seems that I like my mother love to tell stories about my younger years.  Here Goes...

My mother did Christmas through Sears.  Each year she would take the Sears Catalog and ask us to pick out something we wanted.  Back then it had a little of everything and if mom could fit in the budget to pay off by the next Christmas she would order it for us.  A week or so before Christmas a big old box would arrive from Sears and Mom would take it upstairs and not let us see it.  She would wrap the packages and bring them down stairs and put them by our tree.  For me, it was an adventure trying to figure out want was in each package.  I kind of cheated sometimes and peeled back the edge of the paper and then tape it back up.  Heck, one year I sneaked upstairs and got to look into the box.  I think these adventures were almost as much fun as Christmas morning.

I do remember that my Dad's mother would buy me Pajamas almost every year she could.  I hated them and it might be partly why I don't have fond memories of her.  There were other things but i will skip them for now.  

Most years, we would put up a Christmas Tree and I remember loving to throw the led tinsel on it.  I can imagine that the EPA finally put a halt to that.  One year when we were coming home from Thanksgiving in Susank, KS Mom saw a tumbleweed blowing past the car.  She had Dad stop and danged if she didn't bring that thing home and after a coat of pink and addition of a bunch of small ornaments it looked like a nice little Christmas tree.  I do remember that Dad said that he spent more money on that damned tumbleweed than they would have on a full sized tree.  

Nice Buck from last night.
 Well, I do have real places to go so I'll cut it off here and move on smartly.


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