Going to the Game

My wife of 44+ years purchased us a half season tickets to the Jayhawk home games and we are soon off to see Oklahoma come to play in the Fog.  Their coach is Lon Kruger who was a big time star at K-State and a fine coach.  I am sure that his young team will show up with a solid plan.  It will be the execution of that plan in our house that will give them trouble.

Baylor losing at Allen
 Today in the paper, Coach Bill Self said that he didn't get it.  When Notre Dame holds the other team to less than 60 points and they make 59, it is great defense.  When KU does that, it is poor offense.   I think that the close games show that there is a heck of a lot more parity in the BIG XII than a lot of people want to admit.  Yes, under Bill Self, KU has more conference championships than losses at Allen Field House but they also have been able to recruit some big time players.  When I am channel surfing, I will turn on NBA games to see who from KU is playing.  That big old slow white boy Nick Collison is just the right kind of help that Kevin Durant needs at OKC.   I see the Morris twins show up for different teams from time to time and who doesn't watch Paul Pierce and the Celtics?    Super Mario is about to get his jersey retired in the rafters of the Field house and you should hear the cheers when they show that 3 point shot he made to tie Memphis and we went on to win the NCAA that year.

What we do for fun here at Rabbit Run
A while back, I went to Cabellas over by KC and  purchased a Trail Camera by Moultre.Products, LLC. We have started feeding the wild life to see what shows up.  We have adopted one doe and her two yearlings as they show up about every day.    I am waiting for the Bobcat or the Mountain Lion to show up but so far I have a lot of deer, coons and turkeys on film.  I have the neighbor's dog several times but since I am feeding only corn he doesn't come down every day.  I have even caught myself on film a time or two.

Walkin' in the woods


  1. Hey MUD! I don't watch college basketball, but on your recommendation tuned in to the Kansas/Okie game. I looked for you in crowd...but, my eyes are not so good, and I didn't find you. Sigh.

    I swear...I can shoot better than OU's guards. Heck...my Grandma that played for LA Normal on a scholarship in the 1920's (albeit limited) could shoot better than them.

    Anyway...I did enjoy the game, but wondered how in the world y'all got a white guy on y'all's team. Big tall white guy, too...

    Just joshin' here.

    Every time I see, or think of Kansas roundball, I think about Bervin Hand. Bervin was the father of some kids I grew up with here in Bossier City. If my memory is right, he played for a couple of years at Kansas, before marrying his wonderful wife Lonnie (who I ran in to not too long ago).

    Stories get bigger with years, but I'm pretty sure he played at Kansas with Chamberlain. I did a web-search on Bervin, but it only yielded his local obit. Great guy...would mess with us kids on the basketball court for hours, and hours...never got tired of it.


  2. It is hard to get any press when you play with a legend. Teams come into Phog Allen Field House and are often just overwhelmed by the place let alone the team they face. Our current Coach, Bill Self has won more Conference Championships than games he lost there. Thanks for the comment. Hope you have many more great games to watch from all conferences. MUD

  3. Hey MUD, I did a little asking around with my Daddy. His memory of Bervin (they were Deacons together at our small Southern Baptist Church, and kept up with each other over the years) was that Bervin played as a Freshman/maybe Sophomore at Kansas with Wilt.

    He could not remember many details, but his recollection was that Bervin decided to get married, and go in to the Air Force. That's how he got here to Bossier City (we gots a big AF Base). Bervin was a fine man...about 6'4", and at least 200 lbs...and loved kids.

    Both of his sons became basketball coaches. One of them even won a couple of Division 3 Championships at East Texas Baptist University, if memory serves. I think they are both school administrators now, but not sure.

    Glad y'all had a good time. Later...