CHANGE! (Damn it)

I struggle with all the talk of change. From what to what? If a conservative wants change does he want to unchange the advancements and move back to "the way it was"? If a liberal stands on the podium today and shout change what do they want. The DOW back at 5,000? The interest rate at 13%? Higher taxes? More unemployment? More Government an the higher cost to us all?
As much as I thought the throwing out of Saddam was needed, I think we have lost the bubble on what to do. How many more billions are we going to pump in there without exacting a price in oil and demand that they either put up a Government or shut up. Where are the Saudis in this. They could plug up the holes with our petro dollars and fix about any problem.
I am appalled at the talk of income redistribution and really don't want a cap put on the CEO's salary. I do want some sanity in the equation and firing workers should not produce a profit for the company that results in the CEO getting the money saved. Our corporations should have a social conscience and feel some responsibility to the workers. I guess in this free to all society (not free for all) no one but big Government owes us anything. The same system that created Social Security and is letting it run dry is who we want fixing our problems?
Bill Clinton actually said a couple of weeks ago that the way to stop Global Warming is to cool off our economy. Yep, a good recession would do that Bill but with you having your Government Pension all sewed up and a wife in Congress you won't have to troll the bread lines to eat. If the average temperature has risen 1 degree over the last 100 years, doesn't the lower temperature this year have a pretty large effect on that? Here it is in March and it is in the lower 40's and raining. Ain't no heat wave going on here.
Oh well, most of you stop by just to see the pretty pictures and don't take the time to read this crap. Moving on, the KU Jayhawks will play as a number one seed in Omaha this Thursday. The had to play their tails off to beat a damn good Texas team. With 6 teams from the Big 12 in the Big Dance it should be a fun ride.


  1. It makes no sense to me. "Change" is just the latest buzzword. They've all tapped into the fact that people are tired of the way things are. None of them really has a clue about HOW to change things for the better, they just want to talk about it.

    I don't know that Obama wouldn't make a good president. He'd certainly get my vote before the Clintons. (Oh yes, a vote for one is most certainly a vote for both and I don't want either!) I'm really hoping they just tear each other apart over this whole primary business and eliminate themselves from the race.

    I like McCain's political and pre-political record from what I've seen. He seems to be a man of some integrity. My mom doesn't like him because he's too liberal for a Republican. I say that puts him right about in the middle with me. Of course he is a politician. I'm not counting on him to save us.

  2. The good news is that the President is just the leader and not the guy that does the dirty work. John McCain will make a good President and one that won't embarrass us in the world's eyes. I do hope that he picks a good VP. Condi Rice perhaps?