Walk Across Kansas

What do you do when your butt is too wide and your knees are too shot? Ride a recumbent and smile, damn it smile!

Follow the gray concrete path! The Yellow Brick Path was in the movies. I plan on seeing a lot of this sidewalk in the next month or two while Barb Sr and her team "Walk Across Kansas".
I got onto a transportation theme and just couldn't help including my bike "Muse", Kenny, in at least one photo. We baby boomers loved bikes and rode them until the wheels fell off.

This is just a weird photo I saw on the internet and immediately thought of how silly I must look on my recumbent. I just keep singing, "I don't Care, I don't care..."

I said Walkies, Damn it!
Which came first, short dogs or short people? Notice all the bikes in the background.


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