Uplifting Thoughts

Yesterday was a little bit a downer for me so today I thought I would post some pictures of birds on the wing. This is to start the day with uplifting pictures.

This is the evening commuters coming home after flying off into the swamp and eating their fill of crawdads, mud puppies, or in Kansas speak, BAIT!

More of the evening rush with a slightly different sky. This was almost black and white just to give it a slightly Ansel Adams look.

This is a pair of the spoonbills just flying by and I shot them offhand . I did edit them out of the center of the photo but mostly it was what I saw.

Today in the paper there was an article with 24 things that just don't make sense or cause you to do more thinking than the words were worth. Barb looked at the few pages in the paper and said, is this all the news fit to print? My answer was, if it wasn't worth printing, is it news?


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  1. I really like the "Ansel Adams" shot. The balance of sky, birds, and trees is very pleasing to the eye. I also like the slight bit of color you left in it.