Chumps to Champs (Again)

Well, Texas let down their guard for a moment and snatched a defeat from the jaws of victory. They have let the Jay Hawks back in to the race and now it looks like we may get a chance to share the Big 12 season championship. Now if we can just play the last two like the first two. Can you imagine if 8 wins were stacked together now it would mean the NCAA Championship? We did 20 in a row. Wow did I forget the Big 12 Conference Playoffs? That means they need 12 wins not 8. They probably can lose either of the next two but need to be there for the other 10.

Note to Mr Beasley at K-State. Do not say "Never" or " Always". There is someone out there that will turn stupid quotes to Bulletin Board copy. You will be making big bucks soon enough. Shut up and play basketball. It is the money stupid!

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