What the Gator's Saw

Dat big ole fat man in the photo is yours truly. The clothes are baggy but a lot of that photo is me. I am shooting photos on Avery Island using the monopod and our new telephoto lens. The lens cost more than the camera and the clothes came from a sale or Tractor Supply. Yes, Barb took it and I hadn't seen it until just now. She shot a lot of slides on some real great film. I did lighten it up a bit but the composition is pretty much as she shot it.
Just so you know, my doctor said I am as healthy as a 40 year old man, just trapped in a body that has a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 33 and should be down to 25. My blood pressure (treated) was 120 and my EKG heart rate was 61. The one really health thing is my appetite and I will have to work on that or get arms long enough to push me away from the table.


  1. Aw, yeah, man, you are just huge! I bet Barb had to flatten out a wide angle lens to take that photo. Get real, you sound like a Navy guy. Is your camera a digital model and where did you get the awesome shooter's stick? I need one of those, badly.

  2. The camera is a NIKON D70 and the shooter's stick is a monopod available at most camera shops.
    Barb has a wide angle but it was in the camera bag on the bus. If I sound like a Navy Guy, it is only because my Dad was in the Pacific in WWII. Actually it was Barber's Point, Honolulu, HI. He did Depot level maintenance on Navy planes. He said their toughest job was to consume enough beer to have patches for the bullet holes. MUD

  3. Tongue in cheek, MUD. I was saying that because you were making a comment about being fat and any person that sees this photo can tell that you are not.

    Doesn't the D70 have that flash compensation thingy that everyone was trying to perfect a coupla' years ago on the digital Rebel?

  4. The D70 (and the newer D80) both have a flash fill that does a great job. I also have a brighter flash that fits on the shoe on top of the camera. I had a flash that you could put over to the side and add flash from both sides but can't find it right now. Too many camera bags full of old stuff and a closet that needs cleaned out. MUD

  5. Barb has a great eye. I like the way she positioned you in the frame and the way the background is divided into thirds diagonally.