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It is spooky when a prediction I make comes true and the wife acknowledges it as accurate. Looks like next weekend will be the first all number one seed Final Four in San Antonio. First let me say that San Antonio is one wonderful place to be even without Basketball. The Alamo Dome is a great big place that is worthy of having everyone play there once or twice in their career.
Now, my predictions:
When Memphis played the other night, I said they look like the Hawks do when they all show up to play. As much as I would like to see UCLA play KU I am afraid that they will have their dance card full trying to play with that Mad House of fun called Memphis. Winner Memphis 83 UCLA 74.
As bad as the hawks looked when playing Davidson, they will be up for a wide open full throttle game against a North Carolina team that almost looks like them in a mirror. If KU doesn't have to let Sasha Kahn be the savior, it will be a game that will set records in most books. KU 108 - NC 103.
Monday night will bring a battle royal and may the best team win. If it were a shooting contest, you could put a quarter on the shot group and declare them all the winner. (In non shooting terms, it is almost too close to call.) I will go out on the limb here and say KU will play Memphis and it will play out to a 90-80 score for the winner. First team there will win. Yes, I am for KU but I'm stupid, not crazy.

Bring on the roundball!

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