Photo Tip of the Day

The one thing that our instructor stressed and that I had never been aware of is that you should never open and then just hit save on a JPEG photo. If you work on one in Photoshop or just open one to look at it always save it as .1 or .2 or .3. He has a standard that he uses and the first copy is .1 and if it is cropped it is .1c The photo of Barb in the following post is .1c.


  1. Can you do that with any photo program or just Photoshop? I have a program called Photo explosion, don't love it but I don't know how to work it very well.

  2. The trick is not Photoshop specific. The instructor said to open JPEG files with any program and if you save it add an extension not over the original. Most programs will ask you as it is closing if you want to save if you haven't already added an extension. The instructor said never open and then save over the original period. He said it does add to your storage requirements but hey, do you want quality or not? MUD

  3. It only takes a couple of times screwing up to not save the different changes. i have traveled down a certain path with images to find that I really messed up way back when and had to reshoot, of course that was before the Photoshop 5.0.