Tribute to Warmer Places and Times!

This is a fern that Barb shot. I couldn't get anyone to confirm that it was a fiddle head fern and people eat them but hey, it is a beautiful shot.

This red flower is another shot that Barb made. She sees things in ways I am not capable. She captured the flower and blurred out the background. She shot the NIKON N90 and shot a really good slide film by Fuji film.

This is outside of the Tabasco plant on Avery Island. They make some of the hottest stuff you ever shook out of a bottle. Their new Garlic sauce is a lot milder and adds a richness to food that it should be illegal. They weren't running the assembly line the Friday we were there but you could still smell the vinegar. They run two 10 hour shifts four days a week. Down on the end of the line they apply a different label for each country they ship to and the sign said something like 103 Countries.

Just two good old boys a fishin' in the lake right outside the swamp. What a life. I may darken this down and use the highlights as a screen saver later. The trees on the left will really help the icons show up.

Man o' man does this new lens reach out and grab a picture. This was shot inside the bus and as we were moving. The anti vibration feature on the 200 mm lens is just super. No, you do not want to know what the lens cost or how fast it ate batteries.

I swear this roseate spoonbill was shot off hand while moving in a boat. All I did was crop it down a little.

All this editing makes me wonder if I enjoyed the trip or the photography. One day I used the telephoto lens so long that I killed my batteries. Yes, the spare was in the Motel. I just walked along in the greenhouse and tried to enjoy the time spent there. Barb's photos will remind me of the pretty things we saw there. Would I have had more fun shooting than I did just looking? I probably would have some of my photo's to remind me but I might have been too busy to really see the flowers. Kind of like a driving trip. You see a lot but mostly the hood of the car. When you are the passenger you see more. Oh well, Just thinkin'


  1. Anonymous10:51 AM

    All these are some very professional looking pictures. Barb's macro's turned out great and the moving pictures are amazingly sharp. Ray I.

  2. Is the white bird an egret? That's a super shot from inside a bus!

    I love that fiddlehead fern picture! The composition and the focus--everything--is just perfect!