March Madness Symptoms

Well Sports Fans, it is that time of the year that all things unimportant get pushed to the back burner and Basketball comes to the forefront. I would like to thank Readers Digest for the cartoon in this blog. I'm not sure if I have to or want to but I do feel appropriate to share with you where the cartoon was published.
The AP did not put any one KU player on the first team "All Big 12" but most of them were on the second team. It reminds me of the Shawnee Heights wrestling teams that would go to the meets and not win any individual firsts but win the meets by having most of the team place second or third. I guess someone forgot to tell the AP that Basketball is a team sport. Ask K-State if they would rather have Michael Beasley have 23 "double-doubles" or win more games by the team.
The good news is that March Madness is here. The bad news is that it will soon be over and it will be another long hot summer until it gets here again. I will settle for the here and now and be glad we aren't headed into winter. I can sweat with the best of them but I freeze in misery.
I really can't wait until it is once again in the 60's and 70's so I can do some of the outside jobs I have saved. I need to replace a fender on the truck, put brakes on Dave's car and repair the gutters and paint the Valley Brooke house. I'm sure that there are a few hundred other things on the list but they will all have to be worked into the March Madness schedule. In spite of the sadness I will feel, having the KU team lose does free up my schedule. Did I mention that a month ago I spread the 2007 taxes out on the table and have them waiting for a date closer to April 15th. I should file the Kansas because of a refund but the Federal is scary.
Oh well, What the hell, What the heck do I care?

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