The Good News and the Bad News!

The really good news is that KU will play a good Texas Team for the Big 12 Conference Championship Tournament today at 2 PM. Both teams will dance in the NCAA Tournament and only the selection committee will know where they will start. Some people say the winner of today's game should have a number one seed and I personally don't care. After the first game it is all a game played by student athletes and it all equals out. Beak 'em Hawks!

The bad news is that in spite of a scheduled protest here in Topeka against the Freddy Phelps Westboro Baptist Church it probably won't be nearly as offensive as their protests. They are already saying they will publish their church times in the Topeka paper and according to the law (made to make WBC stop picketing a Church) pickets cannot picket for 1 1/2 hours prior to, during and after their hours. Crap! Another example of bad protective Legislation protecting the bad guy. The Law of unintended consequences strikes again.

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