Naomi Again

This is what Mom saw with her camera. She put her subject in the middle of the picture and included the feet and fingers.

I moved the subject to the left of center and lightened it up a bit. I also cropped out the toes and fingers. What do you think? Too light? I think Naomi grabs me because she reminds me of our niece Amanda when she was about the same age.
This is for Jenni.


  1. Personally, I like the cute little fingers twirling the toes thing. I think that it is precious.

    I did not say that, people will be begin to think that I am not heartless and cruel. Shhhhhh.

  2. We are what we are 2dogs. I just hope that people don't think there is anything beyond photography and working in Photoshop in my intentions.

  3. Wow. Have I been away from this blog for a month? You've been busy the past few days and I've got a whole slew of posts to catch up on. This one sorta caught my eye;o)