What's wrong with this picture? Part 2

The morning paper seems to cause a lot of controversy here at Rabbit Run. Here is some more of the things wrong with this world:
  • It appears that Elliott Spitzer's paying between $4,000 and $5,000 to a hooker for a one night stand has more people upset than the fact he was committing adultery. If it had been a $20 hooker in the backseat of his car, would he have escaped the hue and cry to remove him from office?
  • If Spitzer's replacement can't see, how can he tell if someone is robbing him blind. (Yes, this is truly tasteless and tacky Barb)
  • Barak Obama's minister has stirred up a bunch of heated debate. "We (The USA) deserved 9-11" "Hillary has never had a taxi pass he by on the street because of her skin color" He went to Libia and visited with Morimar Kadaffi. Who cares what an old Black minister says? I think it is more important to see what Barak thinks. Was his wife's statement that "for the first time she is proud of America" an look into her true feelings?
  • By the way, that Old Black minister could be a guest speaker at the Reverend Fred Phelp's church. He is right on their target.
Barbara and I discussed "Are People just crazy"? Seems that the homosexual issue has reared its ugly head again. They are the latest target for hate and again have been given the blame for that which ails us. From the beginning of time man has looked for someone to blame for all our problems. The Jews, the Christians (The fed them to the lions in Rome) the blacks, the homosexuals, the... Well, you get the picture. Why does it take less effort to find someone to blame than fix the problems? Yes, that weakness is one of the problems. How can politicians find fault in a system they are working in to stay elected?
I think that most people regardless of their category are doing their best to survive and live in this chaotic world. Peace

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  1. It's not about the pastor. If Obama's THEOLOGY is seen for what it is the election is lost. See: