Time of Day

I'll bet this old cactus was shot by 30 different people in our class. Phoenix was a blast but it was in the past.

Different time of day and a little wider shot. This was a great time of the day to shoot.



  1. I am a very simplistic immature soul. I see someone shooting the bird.

  2. Very nice photos. I'm giggling over Two Dogs' comment because I'm rather immature myself. I'd love to visit the desert some time when all the desert flowers are blooming. I've seen pictures in magazines, but I've never seen it in real life.

  3. Two Dogs's name is the punch line to an old joke all by its self. I do agree that the Saguaro cactus is kind of funny. Your home schooled kids would benefit by a trip to the southwest and a chance to see Sedona and the nature parks near Phoenix. Do it for them and enjoy it yourself. MUD

  4. OH MUD, don't sell me short, my whole life is the punchline to a joke.

    Seeing these pictures and reading your subsequent comment, reminds me of driving through Joshua Tree with my gone person. It was a good day and I did not get bitten by rattlesnakes, no matter how hard they tried. Dang, I hate snakes.