How Can You Tell?

The ways you can tell if you have had a good vacation:
  • The one you went with came home with you and makes you biscuits the first morning back.
  • Your camera card or your computer has a lot of pictures and you haven't had the time to edit them all.
  • You came home with money or clean underwear. They are interchangeable (at WalMart).
  • You escaped Louisiana and didn't have to file an Environmental Impact Statement over all the shrimps you ate. Or, go to the Emergency Room for gall bladder surgery immediately upon your return.
  • None of the animals in your menagerie died while you were gone. The dogs were out of water and I haven't seen the cat but nothing fatal. He'll turn up in a day or so once he learns that we are back and he can get a little dry food and a taste of the canned dog food.
  • Stop/starting the mail and newspaper worked. Your mailbox will be full the day you get back but the driveway isn't full of newspapers.
  • The house is basically the way you left it. Did you expect the cleaning fairies would come and get rid of the dust bunnies? Get Real!
Somewhere out in the future I will get an updated Adobe Photoshop Elements Vr.6 and do some editing on the three or four hundred pictures I have. At least now I have an idea what I don't know. We were fairly good at composition of the pictures but now we can really edit the color/hue and darkness.


  1. Hey, thanks for stopping by the blog. Loved the pictures of LA .... visited there once myself and enjoyed the people and the culinary excellence. (However I didn't get close to any alligators!)

  2. ks cowboy, if you were almost anywhere in Louisiana, you were close to alligators. Mississippi or Alabama are just as bad, too.

    Well, MUD, good trip, huh? Didja get some good eating? And I hope y'all didn't leave before the weather got nice again. It's 79 today in Jackson.

  3. The temperature in KC was the same as when we left Louisiana, a balmy 70 degrees. It is now raining and will be snowing by the morning. How can that happen? When in Kansas if you do not like the weather wait a day.
    I ate every kind of Cajun food available. Etouffei, shrimp, crab, gumbo, all kinds of rice and bread puddin. All good and I even did a spin on the floor and did a Cajun waltz. Yep, it was one fun time. MUD