Just For The Fun of It!

This is a picture from 1981 of Dad with a stringer of fish out of Beaver Lake. There are mornings when I look in the mirror and wonder how my dad got in there.
These lovely young ladies are Janet and Carrie beside dad's boat. Oh to be that young again.
I wonder where Curly got that silly hat. I want one. It looks like a hillbilly hat if i ever saw one. (Is this the hat Janet was wearing in the previous photo?) Just noticed it. You can get so inside the photo that yo don't see the big picture.
This is my sister Carol Lee holding my little brother, Rick and MUD the Navy Seal. I'll bet I explored the Buffalo river for hours in that face mask. I was the Lloyd Bridges Jr in those days.
The edge of the photograph says 1955 and I'm pretty sure it is in the Buffalo River at Pruitt, AR.

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