When it rains it Pours!

Yesterday we had a cloudburst of well over an inch of rain. To add to that, one of the rockers on the engine on the 53 Chevy truck took the opportunity to just break. That led to the lifter jumping out of the hole and the push rod dropping down into the galley. Yes, it will entail me being out on the drive taking the intake maniforl off this afternoon. Oh well, at least I can (still can) and will.

The Valley Brook house is about to be occupied by our other daughter Mel. (Dave & Barb's best friend who has agreed that I'm a better cook than her mother) She wants to buy it in the future and we are going to accommodate her for a while to help her get her new job and work record in order. She was over earlier today and painted about half of the bedroom. I went over and worked on the kitchen floor and the bathroom.

I better get out while I have daylight.

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