Mo' Birds

This is one of those Louisiana Birds again slipped in to bring us to a warmer place and time.

These finches remind me of the reality of a cold cloudy day and how hard they work at the feeder to get enough food to stay warm.

This is the JayHawk statue in front of the Student Union in Lawrence. It represents the student we all want to be. It is a dignified pose and friendly guy.

This is the real Jay Hawk. He will play smash mouth basketball with the best of them. He doesn't care if it is in Lawrence, Manhattan or Africa, not wait that was Beasley's saying and he didn't get to play them in KC so he will just have to sit and spin. I'll bet he is home watching the Texas/KU game on TV and waiting to find out how low in the brackets they were placed. In spite of winning (or losing all but ) 3 out of their last 9 games they will get an invitation to the dance. They just aren't good enough to be a sweet 16, elite 8 or final four team. Texas and KU are!


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