Yes, It has Started!

Well, Hello Sports fans! Some people will say that the Tuesday Play-in game that resulted in St Mary's playing against North Carolina was the first game, but I prefer to call today the first day of the NCAA Tournament that will end in a couple of weeks. Today at 11:30, KU will play some hapless team in Omaha and ;ater, K-State will slug it out with USC. There has never been a number one team eliminated by a number 16 team. They are 0-92 all time. Several people have recommended that with the number of automatic berths out there, there should be a play in game for them and the number one and two teams in each bracket play against some of the winners of those small conferences. That could allow some of the better teams from major conferences into the big dance and keep it more exciting. Winning a tournament should not our weigh the entire season. Everyone knows that anyone can beat anyone on a given night, it is the long haul that makes a difference.
The later game will pit two freshmen against each other and will be a preview of their ability to go to the NBA and make bunches of money. Most college basketball players should stay and get an education. The maturity and skills they sharpen while in college will also help them prepare to a world without the NBA dollars. In the case of Michael Beasley and OJ Mayo, they have demonstrated the skills and ability that will let them play at the next level and make millions of dollars. I think of it kind of like the three years I spent in the Army. I came out with the GI BIll to help me pay for college. They will come out of the NBA with enough money to pay for college and then some.
The weather here was 65 yesterday and will be at least 60 today. It will be in the 70's over the weekend and by the expanded garden centers springing up in mall parking lots all over, it must be time to get out and grow things. It hasn't greened up enough to make the grass need mowing yet but that is not far off. With the amount of rain we have had, the subsoil moisture will carry over to mid summer. We haven't even really hit our stride with the May/June rains yet to come and the ground is just one soggy doggie.
Have a great Day. I will!

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