3AM Visitors

Coyote (Not My picture)

About 3 AM, the dogs started barking very loud and often. There is at least one dog in the neighborhood that invites Taco to bark back and forth but the barking last night was a very territorial bark by both of the black labs. The kind of bark that would definitely keep you out of the yard if you were an intruder. In case you didn't look outside or were covered with clouds, the moon was in what the weatherman called the Full Wolves Moon* and you could see almost as well as on a cloudy day. A pack of coyotes came into the yard and one of them must have run into the electric fence and started the commotion. I turned on the outside lights and at least two of the coyotes were Right up by the house and didn't seem the least bit startled when I turned on the light. All at once, one of the coyotes started a yelping howl and off they went making a noise that just made the hair on the back of my neck tingle. I wasn't sleeping and after the noise caused a rush of adrenalin I didn't go to sleep for another hour our so. One of these days I need to get some friends together and go on a coyote hunt.

For the last year or so, I have really noticed the lack of rabbits here. When we first moved out here, the yard would move when you drove in the driveway at night. It would seem to be covered with cotton tails as the lights on the car would sweep across the lawn. Not so much anymore. We still have a lot of birds and squirrels but not many rabbits. I'll bet the coyote population is making a real dent on the hare population. Shame they can't get to the squirrels up in their tree nests.

* The weatherman explained the Full Wolves Moon as the full moon when the moon is the closest to the earth. It truly is closer and bigger. I think he said something about the brightness being 17% brighter that a full moon in the summer. The name is what the Indians called that period when the moon was full and the wolves would come near the camp investigating the trash dumps.

It will be in the 40's today and then look out for a Blue Northerner headed our way. Those cold clear windy days that seem to suck the warmth out of everything, If it wasn't bad enough that the cold works its way through your coat and gloves, the wind seems to drive cold into any small break in your protection. You will have to wear a long sleeve T-shirt, a long sleeved shirt and a sweat shirt under your coat and then wonder what the hell you are doing out. At least I have given up the idea that I will ever snow ski again.

On that topic, what will you stop doing and when will you stop as you age? I changed my own oil for years and felt good doing it. My first trip to Jiffy Lube about 10 years ago cured that fantasy. I know I won't ever roller skate again as falling down on a hard wood floor is an injury I will forgo. Ditto on skiing down a snow covered hill or behind a boat on water. I no longer can run, even slow. I can ride my bike but only in warmer weather. I do hope that I can maintain my mental ability, be it ever so humble. For now, I will retain my sobriety, not smoke and visit my Doctor and Dentist regularly.


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