Dang, I did it Again!

Barb and I will have some great discussion at the breakfast table and I will head off to the basement to share my witty comments with you. I will stop and check my e-mail and by the time I have eliminated the spam and sent a note or two out I will have completely forgotten what the heck I came here for. Well, at least the brilliant insight I came here with. I would hate to have to start carrying a day runner to help me remember things. I probably would put it down and forget where it was.

What is totally amazing is the fact that I can watch Jeopardy on TV and remember some of the most obscure things. On our last trip to Tulsa we were watching Jeopardy with Mom and one of the questions was concerning the 7 wonders of the ancient world. I think most of the rest of the family thought the Great Wall of China was on that list. I remembered that only the Great Pyramid remains of the seven items originally on the list. Something about the light house, some stupid hanging gardens, and a Colossus. If they are gone why the heck would I remember them at all. If you make a list of later things, the Great Wall appears. But heck, If you look on the Internet, Kansas has a list of 8 things that they think is great or wonderful. Like you really could care about a giant ball of twine and a hand dug well. I think the First Territorial Territorial Capital in Lecompton is worth the trip but mostly because a friend (that supplies us KU tickets from time to time) runs it.

Barb just brought me a treat of apples with caramel sauce and nuts. That with a few great oranges thrown in keeps me supplied with vitamins and a smile. I bought the caramel sauce when she bought some no fat, no sugar added ice cream that was inedible. Even with the caramel sauce and some chocolate sauce it sucked. Like a lot of things it is probably still in the freezer turning into freeze dried ice cream that sucks.

We are going to Waco next week and will get to watch Baylor Bears tangle with KU. It is one of those Monday night games and no telling where we will wind up. My good friend Harvey is out of town and hopefully my other Texas friend Bob will be in town so we can have a nice visit. I might take the computer to stay in touch but we will fly down and I hate to carry too much on the plane. The last trip they charged us $15.00 a bag for everything we checked. Oh well...


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