What Did I start Now?

The other day I mentioned that I would like to see a basketball game in every Big XII arena. Next thing I know, we are headed to Waco. OK, I have friends in Dallas and it will be fun to get out of town and see my friends. I woke up from one of my many naps to find that now we are going to see Lubbock, TX in late Feb or early March. What have I started? I just hope the last addition won't interfere with my new classes. I have sent in an application for a foods class like Master Gardner only for food.

Every Thursday in for a month or so I will be traveling to Lawrence, KS for classes on food. There will be some interest in preparation, sanitation and menu. I will probably make some presentations to schools and adult groups. There was some mention of testing pressure cookers but I'm not sure what that is all about.

Last Christmas the kids bought Barb one of those picture frames that will display your photos. I saw a 2 MB card for it and yesterday I loaded pictures in it for about an hour. I found that I had about 10% of the darn thing full and if I spend the rest of the week I might get it to the capacity. At least there I will be able to use whatever pictures I wish without the Photo police demanding that I take their picture off.

Did you know that they are still playing football and will be until next month? Damn spell checker doesn't know what I want. It will approve Soupier Bowl, Soppier Bowl and Supper Bowl and I'm pretty sure they are all wrong.

Just when I got my basketball juices all worked up, I found that KU's latest victim is 0-3 (K-State, Boys and Girls). With Texas and Oklahoma out there, it won't be another undefeated season for the Hawks. Heck, there is a couple of teams out there that will put up a pretty good fight at their home. I have watched the Hawks get chased around Iowa state's floor at Ames, IA and those pesky Tigers over in Columbia have the rudest fans and play pretty hard to not get beat.

We are having a slightly warmer weather spell to make up for the cold December. Mid 40's today and I might try to get out some and try to increase my Vitamin D level. At least the front porch kitty showed back up. I think he was on an extended R&R to visit the girls and returned home to sleep in and get fed regularly. Oh well...



  1. Here's to the never ending entertainment which is spell check! Have fun in your travels and classes. :)

  2. I am taking a welding class in Feb. at JCCC. I have a student number and everything. I am hoping to create some custom light fixtures with LED bulbs.


  3. Carrie, I wish I could share Ken's ability with you for an afternoon. He is an artist with welding and has filled my garage with things he has made. Try to get some time with the brazing rod as it is one of the things for putting metal together at a slightly lower temp. Good Luck. MUD