What the heck is this bird?

This bird showed up today for the first time. I have never seen one here before. Do You have any ideas? It had a brown color with a gross beak. Barb thinks it might be some kind of sparrow but our bird books don't show anything like it.


  1. It sure looks like some kind of sparrow. No help here. Sorry.

  2. Scroll down and look at the juvenile

    It may not be this particular sparrow, but it may be a juvenile sparrow of some other sort.

  3. I agree that it could be a chipping sparrow passing through as it goes south. MUD

  4. no doubt about it ... that is a young Bar Breasted Catharus Bicknelli Thrush.

    (and if you believe that call 1-800-kscowboy for a great deal on some beach front property in southern Kansas! We even have bail out money for a down payment!)

  5. Anonymous12:41 PM

    I looked in my Kansas Bird Book and came up with the Lark Bunting. Either a female or a non-breeding male. The breeding male is black with white wing patches. The bird is common to western part of KS. The heavy streaked chest and white belly help identify it along with a white chin. Ray

  6. Anonymous12:46 PM

    The best book I have found for Kansas Birds is:
    Birds of Kansas, field guide, by Stan Tekiela.
    This is an excellent book and very easy to identify Kansas Birds.