I thought I'd Never See...

  • A senator with almost no record in the real world get elected as the President.
  • A black President.
  • A congressional favorable rating lower than the President's and no backlash in the elections.
  • My Government spending money like it was theirs. Nah, I knew they were capable, I just didn't think the sheeple out there would take it laying down or encourage it. (Sheeple is the name I have applied to people that don't care what the hell is going on. Half of us didn't vote in the last election, most don't want to understand the problems if someone send them a check- These people are sheeple)
  • A time when both parties sent up a candidate for Election that no one really wanted (Except those that really wanted to see number 2 on this list)
  • A Time where Big XII Basketball was so bad.
  • Gas back under $2.00 a gallon. (Don't tell our Congress they'll think we want to increase the gasoline taxes)
  • Me so stuck for a real subject to write about.



  1. First things first, that was a topic to write about that told volumes.

    And there are many more sheeple than people nowadays.

  2. Here's the church, here's the sheeple ...

  3. I agree MUD .... hard to believe where things are going.

  4. What's that phrase? "To hell in a hand basket?" Well, at least you didn't say "when monkey's fly out my butt"