Roundball in Allen Field House

Yes, I know that KU isn't going to be the National Champs again this year, Even the starters that weren't seniors left to go on to the lure of $ in the NBA. But, with that said, the KU vs K-State game in Phog Allen Field House was a joy to watch. Heck, just being there for the pregame singing of our Song and the National Anthem was a spectacle worth seeing at least once in your life.

A Lot of teams come into the Field House and are just shell shocked for about 5 minutes and by that time they have a deficit that is just about too much to overcome. At one time it was 18 to 0 and from then on it was a matter of resting the starters and keeping the game in check. K-State did mount a strong run in the second half but expended so much energy that they couldn't finish. The game dissolved into a free throw contest with K-State fouling out most of their starters. KU has a deep bench and just held on for the ride.

I went to the game with my source of tickets, Paul, and does he ever take the game seriously. When Sherron Collins turned the ball over near the end of the game he was angry. I reminded him that a player that scores 26 points should be able to have three turn-overs. I don't think he would have been happy if KU scored 100 and K-State nothing. Paul won't forgive KU for their seating policy. All tickets are the same price but where you sit depends on how much you give to the Williams Fund. Needless to say we sat high up and in the corner. I asked Paul how much the hard backed seats were and he said the same price except for the annual donation to the fund required to even qualify for the lottery to get one.

I have two cars. One is a 53 Chevy pick-up and the other one is a 57 Chevy. I really don't drive the 57 much as the insurance is very high and it does not include collision. If I keep it parked most of the time the insurance is about $100 a year. Drive it and that turns into a grand a year. The old truck has liability only as you can still buy fenders cheap. This last year I had a guy hit me and crushed the passenger side door. The insurance Company paid me $3,000 and the parts to fix it were less than a Grand. Yes, I am still working on getting the door to fit right but what else do I need to do.

Tonight the kids are coming over for dinner and Barb is going to try to make something with Orange Roughy. She does not normally eat fish so it might be fun to see how this turns out...

Today will be one of those sunny days that is deceptively cold. It was 31 at 10 PM last night with a Southerly breeze. This morning after the front came through it was hard to tell if there were any degrees showing on the thermometer. Tonight it will be counting negative numbers.



  1. Dan went to the game also. I was glad to stay home and not be out in the weather. Do I sound old?

  2. Yes, but so did Barb. The interesting thing was that by the time the game was over it was 32 degrees. hasn't been that warm since. MUD