What a Hoot!

This is the most Dangerous Man in America?
This is a picture of Rush Limbaugh and I am proud to tell you that I listen to him whenever Barb lets me. Mostly I listen to him alone because it upsets her. I find him amusing, witty and generally what he says makes other people mad.
He is an entertainer boys and girls. He has found a way to get people to listen to him like fans of Oprah and that crowd does. The best way to ignore him is to not listen. The best way to keep him on the air is to raise hell about what he says. Generally I find about five minutes worth of truth and fun in his monologue and the rest is just fluff to raise the ire of listeners.
I hope the Democrats spend hours fighting with him over the first amendment question. Perhaps it will keep them too busy to think of ways to spend more money without a plan.


  1. I think he's an ass, so I ignore him, kinda like that "preacher" from Topeka. I won't even mention that man's name because I know they keep an eye on where they're mentioned and get a big thrill out of it. Okay, so Rush isn't that much of an ass, but he still annoys me. I also get annoyed when folks want to spout off about what they heard on FOX News from people like Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter. I may vote Republican more often than Democrat, but I'm a moderate. I dislike people who swing too far either way and want to shout a lot about how their views are the only ones which are correct. You're opinionated, but you don't impress me as someone who is like that. I do get that some people find that sort of thing entertaining, but it just makes me angry, so I stay away.

  2. I listened to Rush for a long time, but somewhere along the way I lost interest in him and the party. I wander lost now most of the time.

  3. Anonymous10:59 PM

    i think rush is a) hilarious. b) smart.