What's Good for Me May be Bad for You!

What does this patch of hard times look like for me? It means that the MG (Master Gardner) is a little tighter controlling the money and is working on increasing the emergency fund. The tougher the times look, the more she wants to accumulate money to get over the bad times. We have everything we need and most of what we want so why not save for our sake?

For you, that means that I won't be contributing to the "Spur on the Economy" spending that the Democratic party and the POTUS 44 is advocating. So, what I am saying is that what is good for me isn't good for you.

If I was truly not afraid, I not only would be not saving anything, I would be withdrawing some of the money I have saved in one of my Tax Deferred accounts and spending that to build a fire. That money would throw additional taxes into the pot for the Government and perhaps allow me to buy that new car (Dream on fool).

I absolutely stand opposed to the Federal Government adding to my part of the National Debt the $2,700 for this round on top of the $2,500 from the last round and the $1,200 from the incentive checks mailed out earlier this year. My portion of the National Debt went up $6,400 this year. I am out here paying off my debts and saving money and I feel good. How come the Congress of the US doesn't?

Is that their answer? What's good for them may be bad for me? Write it down that today, the 28th of January in the year of our Lord 2009 that MUD said that what's good for me may be bad for you and that the congress thinks that what's good for them may be bad for you. Am I the only one feeling screwed?



  1. You, sir, are not the only one feeling screwed. I am going to dig a hole here shortly and crawl in.

  2. If anyone private individual tried this to fix their financial problems this way, they'd be considered crazy. Well, it used to be that they'd be considered crazy. Now we're all encouraged to behave this way. It's insanity. However, if they're going to send those checks out anyway, I'm not going to refuse them. That would get me nowhere and wouldn't help the national debt a bit because I'm sure they'd figure out some ridiculous way to spend it. No siree, any incentive check coming our way is going not for a big screen TV to help "stimulate the economy" but straight toward property taxes to keep my finances from going the way of the federal government's.

  3. All I can say is, I will be working my @** off to make sure that I can retire before I die and our children can be educated. While the government continues to give my money to people that sit on their @** and expect the same results. Explain that to me! I work hard to pay my bills so my neighbors can get bailed out??? Oh, and thanks a lot for the stimilus check that I have to claim as income and pay more taxes on. What's good for "them" sucks for me.

  4. I wish I coulda said it that well! You are SO right!