So many places to Go!

Good Morning Sports Fans.

The Master Gardner (MG) and I are holed up here in Heartland with lots of "want to get the heck away" but little motivation to select a place to go. Our motivation is to wake up once in a while in a place where a jacket is enough not a heavy coat. That leaves several places to go, but no inspiration. Been to Hawaii, Phoenix, Florida and San Diego. I could throw in Vietnam but I assure you that it was no vacation the first time.

One of the ideas I had was a train trip. I looked up a trip through Dallas and they wanted almost $400 and the trip took up through St. Louis and took 36 hours. Heck, I can drive there in a lot less time and about 1/3 the cost. I have never taken a long train trip and now I see why. Unless I was afraid to fly, it just isn't the ideal way to get anywhere.

I did solve the mysterious appearance of a dictionary by my computer workstation. There were two by Barb's machine when we reorganized and she was just sure that I would need one. Unless I lose my spell checker, I probably won't use it but I'll keep it handy just in case.

I cleaned my port hole to the world yesterday and man can I see a lot of details I had been missing. Mostly the view to the south is birds and feeders but there is a lot of activity because it has been so cold. Yesterday it seemed that a troop of Robbins found our yard to peck through. We normally have one or two around all winter and a small group pass through in the spring and fall. Seems like there were about 50 and in a disorganized eating frenzy.

Has anyone noticed that the Big XII s holding its own in the bowls. Mississippi did beat the 3rd best team in the South Division and Oregon beat the 4th best team in the South Division but, Missouri, KU, Nebraska and Texas have all won. That is a pretty impressive 2/3rds of all the bowl games played and won so far. We will see Thursday just how the National Championship works out. I think it will be a game that will come close to having 100 points scored by the combined team scores. Defense be damned, it will be a win by the team that gets to the goal line the most times. Oklahoma has compiled 600 yards of offense several times this year. Florida will put it on you every chance they get. Should be a fitting game for the National Championship.


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  1. Listen to your wife, MUD. Get out the dictionary and look up Robins. :D