Dang I hate it when that Happens!

I read that black labs don't get adopted as fast as golden or yellow labs. They said you can't see their eyes as well and people don't trust them. This is one of the nicest dogs that ever fetched a stick. Taco is definitely a lover dog.

I came downstairs all set to write another pithy Blog and stopped to read a message from my bud Ken. I expended a lot of energy and laughter in writing him a reply and I just forgot what I came here to write about. Oh well, you didn't know so you might even read the rest of this blog and think it was what I fully intended.
Yesterday afternoon about 3:30 PM, the Kansas Jay Hawks just finished playing basketball on TV. They were a team to the end and held off a good Tennessee team for a win in Allen Field House. I hadn't really been outside much and it was 64 degrees and I said to Barb I'm going, want to come with me or not? We both left our coats home and braved out in the warmth that a south breeze brings. About half way across Topeka, the air ahead of us looked like Los Angeles smog and I wondered if that cold front was pushing its way here. Dang right! Barb went into one store and I went to Target to get a big ol'e bag of popcorn. I came back out and sat in the car. I noticed that the windows were fogging up but hey, inside listening to the radio and eating popcorn it was nice. By the time Barb got back it was 20 degrees colder, a northerly wind (20-30 MPH) was blowing and it was cold. On the way home the check gauges light came on and I knew it was time to refill the gas tank. I stood out there and put $19.00 worth of gas in and clicked it off there. My ears were so cold I was afraid to try to warm them up. Stupid! It wasn't quite as Bad as the Day the Miami Dolphins came to Arrow Head a couple of weekends back. One of the Flipper players looked at the ground temperature thermometer and said, "It is no degrees out here. It is so cold that even the thermometer won't find anything to read."

This morning it is in the lower teens here and that's almost a 50 degree drop in less than 24 hours. I'm not sure that is a record but it is a good example of what the weather is like in January in Kansas.

Today we are set to go to a movie and have dinner with the kids. I'll damn sure take my coat this time. Stay warm and have hot chocolate thoughts.

PS, the pithy comment I was going to write was about Christmas Presents Gone Wild. Oh well, I have tomorrow's topic. Dang Partzheimers.

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  1. And they arrested him for Vicious Dog at Large??? That is funny being that he is so sweet. :)