In Search of Degrees

It was so cold it was Zorro out there, No Dumbass, Zero

As another Arctic cold front roared down through the Heartland, the thermometer went searching, for a degree or two to display. In fact, the displayed temperature was a sucking sound as the red fell below the mark of Zero. I think we need to have a new scale to ease our suffering. Rather than attempt to redistribute warmth to the frozen chosen, move the new Zero to about 30 below on the current scale and about 140 for the one hundred degree reading. This way, it will seldom, if ever, get below zero and over 100. I propose we call this the pity scale not the petty scale. It would take pity on most of us and our temperatures in Kansas would average about 20 to 80. That's the ticket, change the reading and you change the reality. Works for Congress.

Yesterday I made a refill run on all the bird feeders and was deliberately a little sloppy. The Juncos feed primarily on the ground and they are here "en mass" this morning to help fuel their little bodies. It is interesting to see them with their little feathers all fluffed up so they look fat. I can sit contentedly inside and pretend that Rabbit Run has food so abundant that even the birds are fat. When they have to waddle away from the house will I know I have really succeeded.

The only thing out of the normal is our missing porch kitty. He showed up three or four days ago with signs of a minor cat fight. He had what looked like a puncture by his left ear. You know the kind where a right cross thrown by a paw with claws extended would inflict. I hope he is off in the arms of one of the momma cats on a nearby farm. In the past he has found a warm place to hole up when he was wounded in battle. I think I did catch a glimpse of him late Tuesday night when I was coming home from the KU game.

I forgot to mention one of the latest things that bug me. Cell phones at movies or sporting events. One couple sat in front of us and they texed all the way through the game. What ever happened to people who were satisfied to watch a movie or a game. At least in the game there was enough light that the screen on the cell phone didn't hurt my eyes. During one movie last week there was a guy that held his camera phone up to take pictures of the screen and would ruin my night vision for minutes at a time. I am almost to the point where I am going to complain to management when people are so rude that they ruin it for others. I need a can of something really smelly that makes a fart sound so I can express my disapproval of cell phones. I can almost stand it when people go into a restaurant and talk so loud that I know what they had for supper and what they purchased at the store.

Oh well, I will just try to get over myself and move on. Warmly!



  1. I love the juncos! They are such cute little birds!

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    I like your idea. :)