So Far, Step 1 worked

The green Buick is racking up miles like there is no tomorrow. In terms of old cars, it won't be a classic and worth keeping so we are just putting miles on it and not worrying about the dented fender , the minor hail damage, the missing hubcap and the driver's door window that won't roll down or up in one motion. At least MG has looked at cars in the paper and actually got out of the car on a dealership lot yesterday. She still has visions of that 40 MPG car that costs less than $10,000. At least she has looked at what is out there. She still doesn't have enough mad money in her rainy day fund yet to buy and pay cash for one of those $10-12 thousand dollar just off program cars, yet. OK, she really does but I won't try to convince her of that.

A couple of months ago, an unnamed source put us onto a new provision that would let a first time home owner borrow up to $7,500 to buy a home. It was supposed to be as a credit on their taxes. Now, I have read that this gigantic bail out may have a provision to make that a grant and not a loan. I am waiting for that to surface and then we will need to talk to a person about buying Dave's old house. I know that she is really scared to jump into the pool on the deep end but hey, every time she pays rent, my equity gets bigger. Might as well be hers.

We are going to get ready to fly to Dallas tomorrow and then drive to Waco for the Monday night KU/Baylor game. It is one of those dual purpose visits that will let us see what Baylor is really like and get us the heck out of Dodge for a couple of days.
I can't wait to see shirt sleeve weather again and I'm pretty sure that there will be a digital photo fest. I wanted to rent an HHR and see what they were like. We rented a PT Cruiser on our last trip and hated it so we wanted to see if the HHR was better. The only company that could guarantee that car was AVIS and they wanted over $400 to rent it for 4 days. Thrifty and Budget would rent us a car for half of that. Thrifty Rental Car had a deal that is a "Mystery Car" for about $30 a day (With so many taxes in Texas that it is really about $50 a day.) The last two times we rented a car we were given "whatever" they had so I figured that a mystery car couldn't be any worse.

I probably won't have time to update tomorrow so I'll see you on Monday somewhere south in Texas.

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