After many years of using her old MAC, Barb finally let me replace it with a new MAC. It is about three times faster and has enough memory to store a telephone book full of information. I sat it up on my computer desk along with my notebook to get as much running as I could. As an IBM kind of guy, I am very limited on how to make the MAC really fly. I cannot imagine why MAC hasn't dropped the insistence on one button and reliance on drop down menu's. Yesterday she allowed me to move it over to her computer station so she can use it there and the old one when she needs it. I need to find a good MAC Geek Squad member and have him come over and 'splain things to me. I was gong to buy the MAC For Dummies book but Barb convinced me that I wasn't smart enough about MACs to even be considered a Dummy.

On that same line of thought, Barb mentioned that it is about 11 AM and I hadn't updated my Blog. I told her that I was sitting here with the compose screen open and just kind of hit a mental lapse on what to write. She said I needed to have a life before I could write about one. Time to, "Get the hell out of Dodge", or at least Tecumseh.

My good buddy Two Dogs, put a link in his blog that just killed me. For years I have has a motto that said, "Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things." Look him up and see what some poor ladies password was.


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  1. I have tried to use MACs in the past .... never could make one do anything ... Even as much as I detest Bill Gates, his stuff seems to work for me.