He Lied

I know that Topeka isn't a major market and many of the weather personalities are just trainees, but they should get the fact that it will snow over an inch correct. Just yesterday one indicated that the fronts pushing through are mostly dry and we will see 20's today, 30's Saturday and 40's on Sunday. Well, As I went out to put the trash out on the court, there is an inch of the fresh stuff and the temperature is 9 degrees. Not the zero of yesterday but COLD! Yes, I know that the local temperatures are weather and the overall is Climate. I still think Al lied and the sheeple believe him. I just swept off the back porch and put out some fresh seeds for the Juncos. They left long enough to have me outside but returned as I shut the door.

Change, You bet! I think the Democrats got hoodwinked. The President Elect is making a change, but most of the change is just away from the Bush politics back to the Clinton years. The appointees are the same kind of people we have been watching stumble around Washington for years. How about an Attorney General that recommended the Rich Pardon? How about a Treasury Secretary that didn't pay his own taxes? How about a Secretary of State who's husband accepted large donations to build his Presidential Library. Close Guantanamo, Sure, when and where are you going to put the Detainees. Can't call them criminals, it might hurt their feelings. How about the cost of the inaugural being three times the amount that many people said the lavish Bush inaugural was. How about Barack not following the Federal Election Guideline's that were meant to save the US money and raising three times the amount the Republican Candidate spent. Change, the color is changing from Green to Greener. Or if you had any accounting classes from RED to Redder.

Whoa, a hawk just swept across the yard and gathered in some one of the little birds for his breakfast. I guess the food chain is where you can find it. Whatever he grabbed he took with him and left. Last year a hawk killed a blue-Jay and the mate stood out there and made noise as the hungry hawk ate his prey then and there.

All of a sudden there is a rash of movies made about WWII survivors. I guess the rash of reality crap has people wishing for a return of more intense emotions. Oh well, wasn't planning on seeing a movie today anyway. See you in the funny papers.



  1. We have a hawk who visits our feeder for a quick bite now and again as well. He tends to take his meal to our back yard to eat it. The feathers certainly fly!

  2. I'm glad the hawks haven't discovered out bird feeder yet. Maybe it's because the birds eat on the covered back porch. Or because there aren't really any trees nearby for the hawks to hang out in while they stalk he little birds. Bad enough my cat sneaks up on them and makes meals of birds.

    Not looking forward to the next four years. At all.

  3. I heard the best suggestion this morning of what to do with the detainees at Guantanamo yet. Open the doors and push them off the base into the population of Cuba.

    Problem solved.

  4. Anonymous2:15 PM

    My mom had a hawk get one of her little Shih Tzu dogs!

  5. I think the recommendation to free the Gitmo detainees inCuba was mine. MUD

  6. Naw, I think that I read it on some blog that a guy from Kansas writes.