What Should He Do?

There is a lot of talk on the net about what the Big "O's" first 100 days should look like. I'm pretty sure that he won't read this or care what I think but were I in his shoes here is how I would plan and conduct those aforementioned days:
  • Make Congress tell you what they think is important. Give them 15 days to bring together their brightest and best and to make a list of what they think they should do. Hell, they threw a plan together to raise 700 Billion in a couple of days. This should be a cake walk.
  • Bring together a group of citizens from each State and have them also do the above list for their State. Again 15 Days.
  • Have each Federal Agency do a list of their top priorities. During the same 15 Days.
  • Take these lists and war game the lists to help display and get understanding of the problems that need solved. 15 Days here also
  • Assign the problems to the levels that can solve the problems and give them 15 days to present their plan to solve the problems. This is the 45 Day level. I would have the appropriate levels present the success of their actions each 30 days.

No, I wouldn't present any new money to work on the problems. I expect the different levels of Government to have tasks they can't solve this year. Their input is the way I would build the next year's budget. They would report it in this format. Neat term - This Year's expenditures. Mid term the Budget request for the next three years. Far Term - Goals and Objectives.

I am of the opinion that the people out here want CHANGE. I think the new President has almost a clean slate to do what is needed. If the above steps need to be extended to 30 days not 15, I could live with that. I also expect to have two Dogs ride over on his unicorn even if it is messy.


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