Across the Topics

What A Life. Surrounded by nuts and Acorns too.

Many times I find one segment of my life and discuss it adnauseam. Yeah, it kind of makes me sick to see that I have ranted on sometimes. I find ways to fill my thousand words that in the light of day should have been a few hundred shorter. Today I want to cover a few topics across the board and not one in specific.

For the last 5 years and a bunch of times since the big XII got together it seems that the Hawks have the season championship almost tied up. It is unfortunate that Oklahoma has, two years in a row been unable to field Blake Griffin for the KU game. They have nothing to be sad about as that team, without their star, gave KU all they could handle. They will dance in the Post Season and long. It is in the hands of the round ball gods now and all I want is for the remaining games to be good. I will be in Lubbock for the Texas Tech game. The game of basketball at the College level is three phases, pre-season, conference season and post season. Anyone can win any one of the seasons and to win it all, they have to end with wins. Surely some one in Oklahoma can find Blake a jacket that doesn't look like something Marty Robins left in Amarillo. (That is a quote from today's paper)

I think I mentioned that most of us don't really know when we are to die. I looked at some actuarial tables and found that a man my age should live 19 years and 8 months longer. That put my death statistically speaking (with a 20% +/- probability) that I will live to October 2028. There are a lot of variables to this but I think that's a good start.

This time of year had to be driving my friend Two Dogs nuts. He hated the Oscars and doesn't seem to share my fondness for basketball. At least we can agree that the Oscars suck. They gave their biggest accolades to a foreign movie I won't see and one to the best supporting actor that is dead. Talk about making yourself insignificant by your actions. Hell, the coverage even mentioned that stupid family from Westborough Baptist Church who showed up and protested "Milk". That movie, its name, the subject, and the actor are just wrong at so many levels.

WTF... The President has stamped the Porkulus Bill as the best thing since sliced bread and is planning on doing a Jimmy Carter and killing the economy in the next two years by cutting the deficit spending by 50%. I guess all the spending the congress has planned will keep the good afloat until he is out of office but focus man, find a strategy and stick with something. The Governors were in Washington and had a feed at the White House. They are saying that the spending bill is not good but they are lined up to get their share. Even good old Ahnold has Cal-i-fornia in for a big share. RINO that he is. I wonder how many of those Governors flew in to Washington on a private jet?

Enough, cease and desist this madness. Go out and get sunshine as it will be 60 here in the heartland. Might even take the bike to the lake for a few circles.



  1. I heard the Oscars are the chick super bowl. I heard Hugh Jackman was hosting. I decided to watch for once. There were some good moments: Hugh Jackman (he's not all looks, he can sing and dance, too), Anne Hathaway (she can sing really well also), the song and dance numbers in general, a few gorgeous dresses, and "Sank you, sank you. Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto." It took waaaaaay too long in between the good parts, though.

    It was a very touching moment when Heath Ledger's family came up to accept his award. He deserved it, living or dead.

    I don't think Slumdog Millionaire is actually a foreign movie. The story takes place in India and much of the cast is Indian. I think the director (or producer?) was British. So, maybe foreign in all those ways, but not foreign language which is what most people think of when they hear "foreign film." Danny and I are going out Friday night, and I think we will probably go see it if it's playing. I've heard enough reviews (from real people, not critics) and seen enough clips to be very interested. I like a little Indian flavor in food, song, dance, and dress, though.

  2. I thought Blake's jacket was stolen from the Porter Waggoner Museum. That was just odd!

    Kudos to the Jayhawks for the win. OU women lost a squeaker too, without the freshman superstar Miss Hand. We'll have to see what happens in the Big XII Tourney.

    It looked to me like OU men relied heavily on Willie Warren to pick up the slack and he gave it his best shot. A+ for effort!

  3. I would begin to watch basketball again if they would keep the kids from tattooing themselves into a billboard and someone cut Dickie V loose. I would rather have a root canal than listen to him.

    If you can recall the murder of Harvey milk, it was as unimportant as Sean Penn. It was NOT because Harvey liked the man-steak, it was because he fired an aide. Dumb movie and dumb premise.

  4. OI you! About my dog... and his food... he's only ever been given dog food... but it has taken till now to find one that he's not allergic to! He's on a special one now that seems to be suiting him.... and he's eating it again... thank goodness!