My Quote gone Horribly Wrong

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For years I always advocated that it is easier to gain forgiveness than permission. I tried to reward intuitive in my subordinates and the only way to move forward was for every once in a while things to go south.

Today was another Master Foods Class in Lawrence and we cooked, ate, cooked, ate, cooked and ate. Then we went to a local school where the instructor cooked and we ate. Can you tell that I am in no shape to want any supper tonight. I did find out that in spite of my earlier thoughts, I do not hate TOFU. We ate it in salads, food substitutes (meatballs that were darned tasty) and even in a dessert.

The instructors probably just hang their heads and wonder where they went wrong when we put out all our fish dishes to share. I hate to follow a recipe to the letter and didn't. Everyone wanted to know which menu had the peppers and poached cod in it. Who me? I'm sure that there was one in there somewhere.

Oh well, I am now ready to take a short nap and then see if there is a whole grain snack to try. (Popcorn) See ya tomorrow.


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