Government 102

I want a Federal Government that does what the Constitutions requires and little more. There are mechanisms to change through additions to the Bill of Rights or Constitutional Amendments. The Major things are:
  • A postal Service that delivers mail State to State. They could stop the stupid delivery of any packages over 3 Lbs for all I care.
  • Regulation of Interstate Commerce. For obvious reasons.
  • Raising and leading an Armed Service for common protection of our country. The Border Service and the Coast Guard should be in the Military only.
  • Making Laws and procuring money to pay for the essential things.
  • Coordinating Disaster mitigation, not funding to States for them.

In my perfect world, there would be a guarantee to be a success or failure. If you want to live in a State where there are lousy schools and lots of poverty, live there without my being required to fund what you and yours don't. I cannot imagine a more wrong thing for the Federal Government to step in and take money from me to give to a State so they can do things for their people. If your State wants to dole out their dollars to the poor and undereducated, more power to them. If I wanted to live in California, I would.

I hate the idea of abortion. I absolutely refuse for it is ever be right for the Federal Government to legislate or fund any part of that discussion. If you feel strongly, give your time or money at the local level to choose. What ever you do, don't ask the Federal Government to make a choice for you and protect your right. Once you let the nose of that camel under your tent, what else will they want to control?

Let me make this clear. The US Government is not the Oprah program. They don't give you a free car, a free house or a free ride. What they guarantee is the right to get out there and win or lose in the big world of life. They don't realize that their mechanization's with/of the banks caused the problems of today. When the bankers could walk away from the need to collect on the loans by off loading the bad stuff to Jenny Mae how long did it take them? Do any of you remember the short time back that while Hillary was on the stump for the Presidency that Bill Clinton said we need to cool off the economy and slow things down. It did and now Pelosi Galore and Harry Reid are out there trying to spend it back to health? Did anyone read that there is another 400 Billion in the works to step up spending?

I love my country but I fear my government. It has grown so big that it is almost consuming everything we produce.



  1. That name, Pelosi Galore, just slays me! Bwahhaaahahha!

    I read yesterday that the Oklahoma Legislators (Republicans control both sectors of government here, with a Democrat for a governor) have filed for sovereignty from the US government. Now I'm trying to read up on exactly what that means!?!

  2. MUD, they have spent more than we produce in revenue for the next ten years.

    And that 400 billion passed the House day before yesterday. There is yet another 600 billion being debated NOW. So, 790 billion spent, with another TRILLION about to be spent.

  3. This is scary stuff going on out there and I think you are right on target. I fear that these yahoos will take us so far under we may never recover.