Missouri Vs Kansas

Every year there is talk of the continuance of the Border Wars between KU and MU. Just so you know, the people of Kansas in the late 1850's did hate the border ruffians crossing into Kansas to influence the Free Staters. Abraham Lincoln did get to unfold the new US flag with the new Star count just as he started his first term in office but I doubt that those days of bloody Kansas still hang heavy in the hearts of the Missouri players.

What "gets their goats" is the fact that when you play in the Phog or Allen Field House there is a big reminder that KU has dominated the BIG XII since it inception and now have the 1988 and 2008 National Championship banners hanging from the rafters. I am pretty sure that hating the winners is something the under dog has almost always done. I love that their team plays hard against us it is their fans that need some manners. I promise you that getting to sit in the stands of an opponent and chant "Rock Chalk Jay Hawk, KU" in the closing minutes of a game as we win is nice. In Waco, the Baylor fans were leaving with 5 minutes left and the KU fans sat riveted in their seats for the first note of the chant.

Did I mention that KU and MU ramp it up tonight on big Monday? I think KU has enough gas for another game as OK-State didn't run our wheels off. In this year of parity, they need to show up tough or get sent home with their first loss of the year. This is the first game in the second half of the Conference season and everyone is working for the seating in the Post Season Tournament and the Big Dance. I am pretty sure that KU and Oklahoma will be there but as strange as the season has been, I don't feel comfortable about saying who else will make that top 64 list. It is entirely possible that Missouri, K-State, Nebraska and Missouri could win most of their last games and be right there for the nod to dance with the big guys. I don't think that KU will dance in the finals, but Oklahoma sure could. Yes, I would like to see a repeat of the 1988 Oklahoma vs KU National Championship but wishes aren't fishes.


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  1. I LOVE KU basketball! I got to watch them spank Oklahoma Saturday. Austin and I did the Rock Chalk chant. Oh, and BOO to Mizzu! We won the war we won the game...get over it already! What a bunch of whiners.