Its not What you do, but When and How you do it!

- In today's opinion page of the Capitol Journal, there was a response to an article about a young woman's discharge from the Kansas Army National Guard for homosexuality. Barb and I discussed it and I think Barb clearly understands the problem and the solution.

- It reminded me of the time that one of my students came in and reported that three of my other students went out to their car for a break and were smoking Marijuana. I went down to HR the next day and asked what the heck could I do and when could I do it. The answer was then as it is in Barb's attitude. It is not what they do when they are in a private place, but how they acted in the class after they did it. If they were disruptive in class, write up their behavior not the suspected act. If their clothes stink from smoking the weed and it causes problems, send them home to change.

- In the article in the paper, the girl mentioned, had put on her My Face page that she was a lesbian. She was seen in WalMart kissing her girlfriend when she was in uniform. It wasn't what she was doing at home in private, but her behavior in public that got her in trouble. This will be the crux of the problem for the President as he re looks the "Don't ask, Don't Tell" Policy. If the behavior is appropriate, it should be tolerated. If it is not, write them up and let the crumbs fall where they fall.

- In simple terms, if we all behave in public, there will be a lot fewer problems. Blatant sexuality of either type is and should be frowned on. If you want to hit on someone, let it be in private, only once and if the other person says no, go the hell away. There are rules that preclude senior to subordinate contact of any type . (fraternization) My choice to be a heterosexual does not give me the right to press my female subordinates or co-workers for unwanted actions. Your choice to be a homosexual does not give you the right to hit on same sex persons either. It is not what you do, but when and where you do it.



  1. Agreed. It sounds like the Guard had every reason for the discharge. I'm sure she knew the policies and the practices before she signed on and definitely when she chose to behave like she did. People do have rights to do what they want but they don't have the right to throw their rights/actions in our faces.

  2. Let me state for the record that I have a relative that I love dearly that is in a female to female relationship. They are two of the nicest people and are like most couples I know. It is the issue of rights and values that gets most people upset. A gay person can assert their rights as much as a non gay person. I would respect them more if they didn't take off most of their clothes and march in a parade doing sill things, Wait, sounds like Marti Graw so nevermind. MUD