Politics - Warning, the following is a rant

Go read the next article if you want light and fluffy. This is the rambling of a pissed off person.

Just how the hell does anyone think that the Porculus bill by Pelosi Galore and her crowd think it will keep people in houses that they shouldn't have bought in the first place. If you could afford the house, you can afford it. If you are unemployed, you can't afford a house that costs more than 30% of your take home pay. You can refinance houses all day and all that will do is lower the payments, it will not bail you out for being stupid. We love you Mr President, I needs a car, a bathroom and a kitchen. You are not Oprah? Dang, I hate it when that happens...

Even the President has said that we need to be careful about what we spend our money on. I don't understand how the 100 billion to help people grew to 800 billion and filled to the brim with pork. Oh yeah, it went through congress (both houses) and we have a president that hasn't had a real job or employed people in a real business. I'll bet that if Michell had to repay the loan it would have been a lot smaller. Perhaps she will take the elevated high speed train to Vegas from Disneyland. Talk about your symbolic gestures. I'll bet you didn't think how Nancy and Harry could join forces in the bill did you? From Disney Land to Vegas.

Oh well, It will all work out in the end, or not...


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