Happiness is

-Waco in my rear view mirror. I plan on going to Fort Worth this morning and visiting with my cousin Paul and his wife Sarah Jane. I fear that our other friend in Fort Worth has a flu that has visited his house and we may catch them on the next trip.

This trip, I rented a car from Thrifty. They had a selection called "Mystery Car" and it was a few dollars cheaper. To save $12.00 I chose that option. The final choice was either another of those damn PT Cruisers or a Mustang. Bring on the Ford. It has been a nice car to drive but no great car from a gas mileage standpoint. It was nice to drive as we toured Waco and the drive along the Brazos. It reminded me a lot of most scenic drives and we ended at the banks of Lake Waco. That is where their drinking water comes from and with at least 10,000 dairy cattle upstream it is no wonder that the water blooms algae and makes everything taste like sushi. Or at least that green sea weed wrapper.

I will admit that Waco has been a great city to visit and the people couldn't have been nicer. Baylor University has a great stadium and their chants and songs were kind of fun to watch. There is one kind of weird thing they do . They play the theme from star wars and act like a Bear swiping the air with each beat. Oh well, KU survived a run by a good team and took home a win.

One of the KU fans in the stands said he was transferred to Fort Worth by the Railroad when BNSF joined hands. He loves it here and just came down to Waco on a whim. He said one of his friends lives here and works for Mars Candy bars. He said they make Snickers here and would not have come here if they had known about the water problems. I can't imagine how hard it is to keep that taste out of their product.

Oh well, I will get on I-35 and head north as soon as my traveling partner sticks her head out from underneath the covers.



  1. You guys should go to the Dallas World Aquarium while you're there. You brought the camera, right? Plan to spend all day taking pictures. It is fabulous!

  2. We just got back from TX the weather was great, oh and love the beard!

  3. Anonymous7:15 PM

    I'm so jealous! I am anxious for Alan to retire so we can go on trips like that one. Sounds like you're having fun. Drive carefully!

  4. That's what you get for marrying a younger man. You cougars will just have to wait. Your time wll come and you will get to see the world. We really are here for the Basketball and the warmth.