A Good Bite will cure it all!

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Did you ever just feel like you needed to run over and bite someone that needs bitten? I think our Congress is about the most stupid group of people we have ever had to represent us except when I look out and see that the Sheeple out there really don't care. Wake up People, it is your future that is being frittered away.

In this land of conspicuous consumption, how can we even think that spending more money is the answer. Wow, we are all headed to hell because savings has increased from 1% to 3%. The normal unemployment has increased to less than 8% and hell is where we are headed? How many good jobs are being done by Illegals? If our Government really cared they would have a program to identify and send home those that are keeping the unemployed from working. Do they? Hell no, and more important, they don't care. Lets bail out the Credit Card companies so they will have more money to let you run your average credit card debt per household up to $60,000. That's the ticket.

"Once upon a time" we were a Nation built on principles and some of us believed that the simple lessons in life were the most important. We payed attention to the small stories. We worked hard, saved some and shared with family. The return of our money was more important than the return on our money. We didn't put all our eggs in one basket. If it smelled too good to be true, it probably wasn't. The higher the interest rate returned, the more risk there was. Risk means that on a bad day, you wouldn't get your money back. Never invest the money you need to buy your next meal. Gamble to have fun, not to get even with your losses.

When the Congress gets enough pork to make everyone happy, the new spending bill will fly through the process. We should un-elect anyone that votes to hang this enormous debt on our future. I'll bet the uninformed out there will not even get off their butts and vote the next election. When all the sheeple have to eat is grass, they will probably smoke it.



  1. Wait until the joint committee gets into this thing, it will 1.5 trillion dollars and will be signed by Barry in a fleeting second. We have just mortgaged our grandchildren's future.

    This is the first time that I have no hope of things ever getting better in my lifetime. Our federal government just placed a huge penalty on us for being SUCCESSFUL.

  2. I know this will pass and am very worried about what this will do to our country. The biggest problem I have is our President is on TV and radio stating how bad off our country is, what is the rest of the world thinking of that?

  3. I agree - our new administration is going to sell us down the river. I think this bail out bill is just the first of many more similar things to come.