Go Back To School Mr. President

Last night we were told by our new President that it was imperative that we have a bail out and have it now. Speed is more important than quality. This is just absolute BS in my book. The rule of Plans, and I have written many, is that the slower you go and the better you staff it in the development of a Plan the longer it will last and have a positive effect. Throw it together today and it won't last through tomorrow. When was the last time you bought something on impulse and it was a winner? Multiply the risk by a Trillion and you have something that has the potential to stink bad, quickly. Kind of like Dad, can I have the Credit Card to go to the Mall. What is it that you want dear one? OH nothing, I think we need to stimulate the economy.
Jeez, didn't you just go there and spend about 900 Billion?

Now, let me also say that if all you want to do is to float a bunch of Pork through that would not normally see the light of day, put it in a plan and call it a stimulus. Jeez, the time for a change is sounding like more and more of the old way of doing business with a built in turbo sending our money down the road. At least a few moderate Democrats and most of the Republicans are saying what the stimulus plan really is. PORK!, More PORK and PORK (OK, a little SPAM thrown in so it will make everyone happy). There is a part of the bill that includes 300 Million for a computer system. Want to bet that most of the computers are made overseas? Oh sure, Microsoft will get a good share for the software but at least 2/3rd will stimulate some one else's economy.

I'll bet that you don't remember the insistence by the President as a Candidate that Government needs to change the way they are doing business. No more revolving door of Senators becoming lobbyists and then back in Government. Do you know what Tom Daschle was doing when he didn't pay his taxes on the limo he thought was a gift? The sad part is that Barry just seems immune to the truth. I guess I should have known that if the head of the Democratic party thinks 500 million people are going to lose their jobs (There is just a little over 300 Million Americans) and that Joe Biden thinks that FDR delivered his fire side speeches over TV there is wiggle room at the top for more lies. I told you I was going to watch. You didn't think I was going to sit on my hands and not yell like Missouri beat KU. They Did? Yes and I yelled then too.


  1. Hi there Mud,
    I saw the picture of our president and clicked on over. I was a little surprised by the post. I know people's emotions are high and they should be. The last several months 500,000 people per month have lost their jobs (I'm sure Mr. Obama just misspoke, which we all have occasion to do). 3.5 million Jobs lost since Dec., 2007. I don't think he wants to push through a bad plan anymore than the rest of us. We just need to take some action quickly unless we feel ok with the way things are going. I'm with you that I don't think it's the time to put extras in, yet 300M of a 700B package is not much. I would rather those extras not be in there, yet that may be part of the compromise...a little pork from BOTH sides.

    Let's give the guy a chance. One thing is true about him...he's hardworking, determined and pretty smart. At this point, whomever was president would be having an extremely difficult time and will have for a few more years to come, because people are really hurting in this country...by extension we've affected the world, too.

    We've got to try to hang on and put some faith that the people in Washington really are trying to help. (To be honest that's hard for me, because I didn't believe in the 3 TRILLION dollar war or a number of the policies of the last few years). I'm just trying to be patient and make good decisions for my family.

  2. MUD, I am sure that you are aware, but I challenge ANYONE to find one single line in this bill that will do ANYTHING to help the economy. The fact that they continue to call it a "stimulus bill" is laughable.

    The bank bailout was simply the tipping point in the move toward FASCISM. That was so stupid that I couldn't believe the Republicans were pushing it and I loudly voiced my opposition.

    Politicians need to quit insulting our intelligence and just be forthright. They want everyone to bow down to the Fed. Plain and simple.

  3. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Those posts like Jenny's remind me that more people need to eat their Wheaties.