Great trip and none of the animals died

I'm not sure if it is anything to celebrate but at least all of the animals and most of the plants seemed to survive our road trip. Even Porch Kitty greeted me this morning wanting his handful of food and a little petting. Dog one and Dog Two seemed to be a little dry but they are fine. I will take advantage of the fine weather today and go out for a session of throw the stick and pet the other one.

I now realize that the bird food is about a four day supply. They had emptied all but the sunflower seed feeder. Not a scrap of suet in the suet block holder. I can see scat (Poop) from the possum that comes up and eats the seeds the finches drop to the ground. It must be the roughage from hell as it seems to go right through him.

While in Dallas we went to see the new movie, "Taken". They killed a lot of people and cars, and it was loud. Barb will get to pick the next movie. The only problem I have with this type movie is that the good guy never seems to pick up the guns when he kills the bad guys. They were shooting some mini machine gun and he had a hand gun. When you kill a bad guy and he has bullets left and a better gun, take his and then kill bad guys. Oh well, I guess it was my combat training coming out.

Better get something done. Or Not!


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  1. You know what bugs me about movies? The people in them never listen to the music to know when something bad is going to happen!