Last Day of February

What wonderful things has the last day of February brought to Kansas? Snow, glorious snow and cold. The birds are staying in the trees mostly but have come down to the porch to peck under the finch feeders. I can tell that I will need to go out sometime this morning and replace the suet block and I might throw some food down for the juncos. The weather was 75 for Wednesday, 55 for Thursday, 35 for Friday and today it won't make 30. Typical Kansas weather. If you don't like the weather, wait a day and it will change. But ain't it purdy?

We leave Kansas City at 6 AM tomorrow morning and arrive in Lubbock by noon. I hope to find a sports bar that has the KU game on and have a nice lunch there. It will be a chance to play Missouri at our home and put Missouri in third place. As I said last time, the fate of the BIG XII conference championship is in their hands to win or lose. I did see that a lot of K-State fans are really bitter about the Hawks being on a roll. Barb and I are fans of K-State when they don't play KU. Win or lose, sports at the university level is at best a game and no matter who or what, someone has to win. I am just as concerned that players graduate with a good education and a championship. I was sad to see many underclassmen leave KU this last year when they won the big dance. Money in the short haul is nice but they need to return to complete their degree as soon as they can.

Speaking of money, if you had any, what would you be investing in right now? The stock market rule is to buy low and sell high. Don't listen to me on advice there. I have shares of GM stock that are tanking out right now. My last 401 (k) was a stock market based plan and it is now a 200.5 (k) and not headed up. Most of the rest of our investments are in real estate or Government Money Market funds. You know the kind that say the return of your money is more important than the return on your money. If the Congress keeps spending at the rate they have for the last month even those won't be worth much for long.

Oh well, guess I need to sit back and watch it snow for a while. Boo Hoo for me and yea for you.


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  1. What the heck is UP with the weather? It's been gorgeous, but this morning I nearly froze my BUTT off outside! Make it stop now. I'm tired of it.